Keeping your hair shears clean and well maintained will prolong the life of sharp edges and the overall life of your hair scissors.  Scissors are worn by general usage, hair, dust/dirt, chemicals and other intentional or inadvertent contact with the blade edges. Continued use of dull, dirty, or damaged shears will speed the deterioration of your shears.


  • Clean, dry, and lubricate your scissors at the end of each work day.
  • Check your scissors for adjustment (tension), at least once each day.
  • Check for nicks or other damage if dropped. If you see damage, set aside and contact Continuing to cut with scissors that have been nicked will cause additional damage.
  • Check your scissors for sharpness at least once each month.
  • Handle your scissors with gentle care. Protect the edges from everything except clean hair.
  • Store and transport your scissors in the case they came in, or buy a good quality leather pouch for protection.


  • Don’t use your hair scissors when out of balance (adjustment) or nicked from dropping.
  • Don’t store your scissors when dirty.
  • Don’t “throw” your scissors in a drawer when not in use.
  • Don’t “pressure cut” (torque the blades together.) This means squeezing harder with your thumb when the scissors start to get dull.
  • Don’t let your scissors come into contact with any comb sterilization, perm or color solution; it may cause corrosion and other damage to your scissors.

We recommend you have your scissors sharpened every 250-350 haircuts. This is about every 3-4 months.  This will assure that you are always using sharp tools.